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Are you a fearless self-learner? That’s perfect because I’ve got an online version of this course that you can access right here.

The Not-Another-Pointless-Presentation Plan

Ever watched a speech and thought, “What’s the point?”

Have you ever been the one giving that speech? Be honest now.

The truth is, your purpose isn’t to “inform” or “persuade,” those are really just broad categories of speech types. Instead, it’s your job to teach the audience something new and meaningful. Otherwise what’s the darn point?

Purpose is challenging, so I’ve put together an intensive 1-hour session working one-on-one with me to help you develop the key purpose of your keynote, TEDx Talk, or signature speech.

What You’ll Get:

-1 hour of intensive coaching with me

-A specific, unique, purpose that you can use to develop your signature speech, keynote, or talk

-A process to replicate developing a meaningful purpose that you can apply to future speeches

*You MUST complete this plan (or the online course version) before signing up for the Not-Another-Boring-Speech (NABS) Plan! The cost of this plan gets applied towards the total cost of the speech plan.

The Not-Another-Boring-Speech Plan

Speeches become boring when they lack clear purpose, are speaker-centric instead of audience-centric, are too long, repetitive, disorganized…I could go on. The truth is writing and delivering a compelling and engaging speech is challenging. It takes numerous revisions, trial-and-error, and quite a bit of planning to make it all work. But once you’re done, you’ve got a speech that NABS the audience’s attention (see what I did there?), and gets you booked for more speaking engagements.

That’s where I come in: using my extensive background as a teacher, writer, and speaking coach I’m going to work with you one-on-one for series of five 2-hour sessions over the course of one month. During this time we’re going to write your signature speech, keynote, or TEDx Talk from start to finish, including a session that covers delivery and blocking (or how you should move around the stage while delivering your speech).

What You’ll Get:

-Five 2-hour coaching sessions, working one-on-one with me over the duration of one month

-A completed signature speech, keynote, or TEDx Talk that you can use for a variety of audiences

-A specialized plan that you can replicate for future speeches

-Delivery and performance coaching to highlight your key message

*You MUST complete The Not-Another-Pointless-Presentation Plan (NAPP) BEFORE signing up for the Not-Another-Boring-Speech Plan!

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One-on-One Coaching

Do you already have a speech or presentation ready to go, and just need some help fine-turning and practicing?

Are you looking to fine-tune your communication skills?

I offer individualized and group coaching sessions where we work together on accomplishing your specific goals.


Are you interested in applying for a TEDx talk?

I’m an experienced TEDx speaker curator and coach, and I help professionals craft the perfect application that will help them stand out and get on stage.