What ALL Business Owners Need To Know About Blogs


Several years ago blogging began mostly as personal online journals where people detailed their day-to-day lives, reviewed foods/music/movies/etc., or served to build communities around niche interests. Today blogging is one of the most effective marketing tools a business owner can utilize to find new customers and clients, and keep current customers and clients happy. In fact, every business needs a blog. Whether you’re starting a new blog for your business, or looking to upgrade your business’s current blog, here is what all business owners need to know about blogs.

All businesses need a blog!

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, every business needs a blog. “But Natalie, my business is all about tree care! What could we possibly write about?” Good question. Think of the problems your ideal customer is facing, and how your business solves them. Success stories, common issues, tips and tricks, FAQ’s, and relevant developments in your industry all make for excellent business blog entries. It helps to brainstorm a list of topic ideas with your team, then schedule out the posts (two posts a month, minimum, will yield the best results).

Blogs serve two primary purposes: education and search engine optimization (SEO)

Your business’s blog should do two things: 1) Educate your potential customer/client and show them why they should hire you. 2) Create content for your website so search engines are more likely to find you. Here’s a quick tip: use Google’s auto-fill function in their search bar to see what your customers are searching for, and use that to guide your blog development. For instance, if your ideal customer is searching for “Atlanta tree removal,” then be sure to not only write posts related to tree removal, but include that exact phrase in your posts. You will give your target customer insight into how you can solve their problem, AND help them find you in the first place.

Every business, no matter the industry, needs a blog. They can help you attract new clients and customers, keep the current ones engaged with your business, and save you time as they become a valuable resource for your audience.

Blogs should always be aiming to solve the problem of your target client/customer

It’s tempting to just journal about your business in a casual, “this is what it’s like to work here, here are some cool things we do” kind of way. After all, that’s the easiest type of writing. But what value does it add to your potential customer’s life? Instead, figure out what problems you can solve for them, and make that the topic of your blog posts. You’re building value for your business, and instilling confidence in your future customer/client so they will feel good about hiring you for the job.

Done right, an effective blog can save you time and energy

Marketing and keeping customers/clients happy takes a lot of work. A blog can help by attracting new business through the magic of Inbound Marketing, and by educating your customers and clients on frequently asked questions and common situations. For instance, if you work in digital marketing and your clients are often asking about the need for a blog, you could send them this post, which will explain everything in a clear, understandable way (see what I did there?) Your client will have a tangible resource to reference when they have questions, and you will be able to use your time to help them more effectively. Everyone wins.

Finally, all business owners need to know who to turn to when they need help with their blog. If you’re not a writer, I highly recommend seeking out a professional who can help transform your ideas and notes into coherent, well-written, search-engine-optimized blog posts. Investing in a blog is a great way to attract new customers and clients, and keep the current ones engaged with your business.