Dr. James Beckerman, MD and TEDx Speaker

"I loved working with Natalie. She hit the right balance of challenge and support - she made me a better speaker, and more importantly, helped me realize the talk that I ultimately wanted to give."

Dr. Eloisa Klementich, CEO of Invest Atlanta and TEDx Speaker

"Delivering a speech that is relevant, fun and memorable, is no easy task. Thanks to the countless hours of direction and support from Natalie, I pulled it off!"



Kelly Vandever, Coach and Trainer for Speaking Practically

I’ve known Natalie as a speaker, presentation coach, and writer.  Is there anything this gal can’t do?!  Natalie’s approach to her work and with her clients bespeaks the smart, caring, authentic person that she is.  She’s a joy to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to communicate effectively in spoken or written form.

Aaron Barerras, CG Technical Director Syncronos Design

Natalie’s unique approach blends thorough research with real-world problem solving, and the effect of this makes abstract concepts accessible to everyone, without compromising the message. She has a very gifted approach to presenting information in a way that fosters participation and discussion, and is able to guide others into drawing their own concrete conclusions.