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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Great Introduction for Your Public Speaking Appearance

How much thought do you give to how the emcee at an event brings you on stage?

Many speakers give this as little thought as possible because they’re focused on their content and what will happen after they’re on stage. But the introduction the emcee uses to introduce you to the audience is when your speech truly begins.

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Why You Should be Nervous Before Giving a Speech (and How to Use it to Your Advantage)

Does the thought of giving a speech make you feel a little queasy? Do your hands still get sweaty? Does your heart start pounding before you go on stage? Does your brain play a sizzle reel of all the things that could possibly go wrong (everyone hates it, people boo, you fall off the stage, get pelted with rotten tomatoes, etc.) beforehand? Here’s a secret: me too. And I’ve been doing this a long time.

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How to Develop Your Signature Style as a Speaker

Last night I watched Ron Chapman deliver a wonderful speech about what we can learn from dog shows. Yes, dog shows. His point was that in a dog show we are not comparing a pug to a labrador, rather, we are judging whether that pug is the best version of himself compared to whether the labrador is the best version of herself. The point he made was that each of us is the best possible version of ourselves, therefore it’s foolish to try and be someone else.

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The Problem with Always Being the Hero of Your Own Story (and a Few Other Stories to Tell Instead)

A quick scroll through my LinkedIn feed shows endless blog posts about how important it is to become a masterful storyteller, and a few solid tips on how to get there. Learning how to craft a well-thought-out narrative can help you explain difficult concepts, create emotional connection with the audience, and elevate your presentation from just informative to actually entertaining.

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