Who is your ideal client?

From a personality perspective, I only work with people who have a growth mindset and are willing to accept and implement feedback, work hard on their skills, and are committed to their goals. After all, why else would you hire a coach? From a demographic perspective, I tend to work with professionals who need help translating their ideas in such a way that connects with the audience.

Why should I hire you over another speaker coach?

There are lots of great coaches out there, so I think this a personal decision. You can read more about my thoughts on that here. On my end, my background is teaching so I approach working with each of my clients as if they’re going to be educating their audience (because you are) through their speeches/presentations/TEDx Talk, whatever. As in, I’m going to use proven teaching methods both to help you learn more as a client, and help you teach your audience as well. I even assign homework! Yay, homework!!

How do I know you know what the heck you’re doing?

I could list my credentials here, but why not watch for yourself? This clip is me training at a Toastmasters workshop. And if you still need to see the credentials, you can read more about my background here.

I’m not in Atlanta. Can we still work together?

Sure! Through the magic of Skype and Google Docs we can work together no matter where you are. In fact, no matter where you are I think working remotely is incredibly effective. Plus, then neither of us have to sit in traffic.

Want to get in touch with me? You can reach me directly here: Natalie@NatalieCoaches.com