Coaching & Training


Personalized Coaching & Training

I develop personalized, interactive plans based on the specific needs of you and your team to create maximum impact.

What are your goals?

Whether you want to deliver great presentations, or your team wants to learn how to manage conflict, I work with you to develop a personalized plan that is engaging, interactive, and designed using solid evidence-based learning strategies. Which is a fancy way of saying I avoid boring lectures at all costs.  



The most productive teams know how to communicate effectively to solve problems and reach common goals. I work with clients on how to communicate positively, accurately, and with intention. My training frameworks include Good to Great, the Strengths Finder Assessment series, and Crucial Conversations. My background as an educator and public speaker means my trainings are interactive, engaging, and developed using proven adult learning strategies.

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Speaker Coaching

The best way to get your ideas heard, is to hone your public speaking skills. Nothing is more effective than working one-on-one with a private speaker coach. I’ve taught public speaking at the university-level, worked with private clients including TEDx speakers. My speaker coaching goes beyond delivery; I work with my clients on improving their writing, organizing information, and channeling stage fright into a compelling stage presence.


I Want to Apply for a TEDx Talk

If you're interested in getting coaching on your journey towards being selected for a TEDx Talk, then there's a lot you need to know. Click Here to learn more.